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$10 initial consultation fee.
The fee will be donated to the Riley Children’s Hospital.
$10 initial consultation fee. The fee will be donated to the Riley Children’s Hospital.

Wage Violations And Disputes

You need money in order to survive. The paycheck you earn is vital to the quality of your everyday life. At The Wolcott Law Firm LLC, we work with employees who have been improperly compensated for time worked. Our attorney uses his background in human resources and his extensive knowledge of the law to fight for the wages you deserve.

Fighting For You And Your Paycheck

Federal and state laws outline minimum and overtime wage requirements for employers. You must be paid at least minimum wage for time worked. All time worked in excess of 40 hours is considered overtime and should be paid at a rate of 1.5 times your regular wage.

Oftentimes employees who receive tips are underpaid. Between tips collected and the base wage established by employers, all employees should meet minimum wage requirements. If tips earned and the base rate don’t equal minimum wage, your employer is obligated to make up the difference. Employers who offer breaks or employ tipped workers often make mistakes.

Other common mistakes employers make include:

  • Employee misclassification
  • Improper garnishment of wages
  • Incorrect compensation for employee breaks
  • Failure to pay

Helping You Obtain Compensation

If you believe that your employer is not properly compensating you, don’t wait, contact us today. Call us at 317-676-0776 to set up a $10 initial consultation with our Indianapolis office. We have years of experience helping employees with wage violations and disputes. Lawyer Christopher Wolcott will personally examine your case, answer your questions and take action to help fight for proper compensation and to ensure there is no retaliation from your employer.