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$10 initial consultation fee.
The fee will be donated to the Riley Children’s Hospital.
$10 initial consultation fee. The fee will be donated to the Riley Children’s Hospital.

Reviewing And Consulting On Employment Agreements

Businesses form employment agreements in order to protect their competitive edge and interests. Employers establish these contracts with the hopes of obtaining and keeping the best talent. At the Wolcott Law Firm LLC, we have extensive knowledge and experience working with a variety of employment agreements. Our lawyer works to ensure that employee rights are protected and that your best interests are honored.

Helping You Make The Best Decision For You

Indiana is generally an at-will state for employment. With that being said, many companies utilize contracts and agreements in order to protect their interests and talent. As an employee, you may feel as if these contracts are concrete, but until you sign on the line, these agreements are typically negotiable.

Employment agreements can greatly impact your career. They may restrict where you can work in the future or diffuse whistleblower actions, discrimination lawsuits or wage disputes. Before signing an agreement, you should thoroughly walk through every aspect of the agreement. Make sure your pay, vacation and ability to obtain future employment are adequately addressed. When needed, negotiate for a package that is lucrative and in your best interests.

Negotiating On Your Behalf

The Wolcott Law Firm LLC reviews employment agreements for employees. We look at the bigger picture to see if you have other claims and if it is reasonable to negotiate for a more favorable package. We want to ensure that the documents you sign are in the best interest of you and your future. If your employer has presented you with an employment agreement, don’t sign before speaking with an attorney. Contact us today at our Indianapolis office. Call 317-676-0776 to set up a $10 initial consultation with experienced counsel you can trust. We thoroughly examine your agreements and advise you on all risks and potential negotiations.