The Wolcott Law Firm, LLC
$10 initial consultation fee.
The fee will be donated to the Riley Children’s Hospital.
$10 initial consultation fee. The fee will be donated to the Riley Children’s Hospital.

Our Core Values

The Wolcott Law Firm LLC was founded based on the four core values of attorney Christopher Wolcott. See his message below:

I believe in four core values. I call them the 4 A’s. It is not just how I run my law practice; it is how I try to live my life. These are my values:


Wolcott Law Firm LLC believes in protecting the rights of employees. Because of this, the firm always offers $10 initial consultation fee to workers in need. Not until and unless you have made a decision about what you would like to do are fee arrangements discussed. You should not hesitate to call if you just need someone to help walk you through a process or if you are unclear about an employment-related issue.

Many attorneys will charge you exorbitant fees just so you have someone to talk to. I think that is ridiculous. Oftentimes, when I cannot help, I can at least point you toward resources that might be able to resolve your problem. When we can offer assistance, our fee structure strikes a fair balance between being paid for our services and maximizing your return on your investment in an attorney.


If an attorney-client relationship is formed, I believe attorneys and clients must work together to insure a successful outcome of their issue. For our part, we will keep you informed of the progress of your case. You will have my cell phone number in case you need to discuss your case at any time. I understand that when you have a concern or a problem, you need to talk someone now. In addition, I do what I can to make myself available in the evening or on weekends, and we often travel to meet clients at a location convenient for them.


Life is about making choices, and some decisions are easier than others. Nonetheless, I believe you should know the pros and cons of each of the options available to you so you can make an informed decision you are comfortable with. Sometimes, this includes seeing if a prompt resolution of your case is possible. At other times, matters have to be vigorously litigated. You should know your options and risks before you commit to filing charges with federal agencies or filing lawsuits in federal or state courts.


I personally dedicate hundreds of hours each year to listening to people who contact me with real problems and offering practical solutions at no expense. I willingly and gladly provide my time and energy to individuals if there is any chance I can positively influence their situation.

We proudly participate in the Federal Court’s Mediation Assistant Program and represent pro se plaintiffs in matters filed in state or federal court against their employers when possible. We represent prisoners in litigation against federal agencies who have been mistreated or provided substandard medical care. The firm will draft documents to assist those in need on a case-by-case basis.

Our firm believes firmly in paying it forward. We donate money to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the 24/7 Group (a not-for-profit helping families with teens with addiction problems), and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Specifically, we have additional goals we focus on every year:

1) Spending time in a volunteer capacity at food banks or with youth organizations to help those in need.

2) Volunteering and providing financial support to the entities named above.

3) Donating food to local pantries through programs at schools, with the goal of engaging students in getting involved in solving problems like hunger in our communities.

4) Representing pro se and indigent clients in need who have filed cases in federal court.

Since the inception of these goals in 2016, the firm has donated hundreds of hours to youth organizations, donated in excess of $3,000 to these organizations, donated over 2,500 cans of food to local food banks, and represented 7 different pro se litigants. We have a goal of hitting $10,000 and 10,000 cans by the end of 2020 and representing over 20 indigent clients in federal court.

In short, I believe in paying it forward. What is most important to us is not only providing strong legal representation but also being good citizens. I believe we accomplish both of these goals.

Call The Wolcott Law Firm LLC today at 317-676-0776 or contact us online to set up a $10 initial consultation. Located in Indianapolis, we serve clients throughout Marion and Hamilton Counties in Indiana.